Welcome to Muñekitas Body & Beauty Center. We offer Nationally Accredited Training Certification Programs in non-invasive body and beauty contouring services, and business tools! We are backed by the NMSA. 

Whether you are looking to become a Body Sculpting Practitioner or an Entrepreneur looking to grow and create a financial freedom, we have all the learning tools you need!  

Our leaders have 20+ years in the industry and have trained thousands of students just like you in the Body and Beauty business! Many of our students have since gone on to have very successful businesses themselves! 

  • Jessica Pullido

    "Awesome experience, very informative and hands on!"
  • Margie

    "She really cares and you get results."
  • Tami

    "Amazing training!! Jenny taught me everything I need to know to get started in this business. From hands on technique, consulting clients and everything in between. I highly recommend Bodies by Jenny if you're looking to get into this business!!"
  • Kelly Medina

    "By farrrr the best class I have ever taken, and I’m not just saying that. I have had many trainings and non have been as helpful and informative as this one. Thank you so much Jenny for your help. Not only does she teach you everything she knows, she goes out of her way to help you even after the training is over. If you’re considering taking her class, please do. You will 100% not regret it. She’s there to help you succeed. So very happy with how sweet, knowledgeable, and humble she is!"
  • Kia

    "Jenny is the best… will lead you through process from start to finish."
  • Shai

    "I would like to say thank you for taking your time to teach us and illustrate every step and actually focus on your students and made sure we understood everything. I feel like in those 2 days we learned so many things . I like that we can still communicate with you even after we finished with the courses. If we have any questions, you are happy to help. I enjoyed learning about body sculpting and plan on growing."
  • VeeMargs

    "Thanks so much for teaching me. That was the best experience ever!!!! You're truly amazing and also thanks for being the best teacher out here you're vibe is everything!"


(in person or online)

1 Day Training only

(one treatment)


(with free wood tool kit or butt vacuum machine)

2 Days Training

(all the treatments included)


(with free wood tool kit or butt vacuum machine)

2 Days Training

(all machines included)


(with free wood tool kit and all machines included)


(in person or online)



includes starter kit (Hyaluron Pen, ampoules, fillers, and more)



2 Days Training (all treatments with free wood tool kit and all machines included)

new BODY SCULPTING treatments training

(in person or online)

Ice Sculpt (Body Sculpting Ice)

It is an organic non-invasive treatment to reduce, reaffirm and tone your body. This treatment is 100% natural, made of a precise combination of herbs, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. It is a frozen lotion made of calming and firming herbs, and essential oils that is applied on your body to activated your natural thermogenesis to start burning the fat, and to break it down.


  • Detox your body
  • Helps restore skin elasticity
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Remove resistant fat
  • Activate production of new collagen
  • Activates lymphatic System
  • 100% natural treatment
  • Result are permanent and progressive
  • No surgery
  • Immediate results


Emsculpt uses cutting-edge technology to tone your body and help eliminate fat. It uses electromagnetic energy to get the muscles to contract in the area you’re treating. Using this electromagnetic energy causes the muscles to do what are called super maximal contractions. It can cause your body to complete 20,000 muscle contractions in one session. So, 20,000 sit-ups or squats in a 30-minute session!

Expect to see a toned, leaner area with notably less fat after this treatment! We offer this NMSA accredited course for service and training.



What is mesotherapy? Mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat.

Michel Pistor, a doctor in France, developed the technique in 1952. It was originally used to relieve pain. In the years since, it has gained popularity in the United States and other parts of the world.


Today, mesotherapy is used to:

  • remove fat in areas like the stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, arms, and face
  • reduce cellulite
  • fade wrinkles and lines
  • tighten loose skin
  • recontour the body
  • lighten pigmented skin
  • treat alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss

The technique uses very fine needles to deliver a series of injections into the middle layer (mesoderm) of skin. The idea behind mesotherapy is that it corrects underlying issues like poor circulation and inflammation that cause skin damage.
There isn’t a standard formula for the substances injected in mesotherapy. Doctors use many different solutions, including:

  • prescription medicines like vasodilators and antibiotics
  • hormones such as calcitonin and thyroxin
  • enzymes like collagenase and hyaluronidase
  • herbal extracts
  • vitamins and minerals


new FACIAL treatments training

(in person or online)

BB Glow Facial training

The BB Glow Facial is one of the newer facial treatments to reach the beauty market, and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many customers. A BB Glow Facial is a highly effective, micro-needling treatment with immediate effects.

It is a safe and intensive skin treatment that can improve your facial tone, smooth out small imperfections, freckles and wrinkles, and lighten pigmentation.

  • Plumps the skin
  • Gets rid of wrinkles 
  • Neutralizes free radicals 
  • Reduces melanin content in the skin
  • Reduces skin discoloration
  • Provides instant hydration to the skin 
  • Gradual lightening effect on skin
  • Reduces appearance of pores
  • Restores even skin tone and radiant complexion 
  • Pros & cons of the procedure
  • Who can benefit from the procedure
  • Color theory regarding choosing proper shades for different skin tones
  • Skin preparation for the procedure
  • Machine and cartridges overview
  • Techniques of color implementation
  • Aftercare


includes Dermapen, Protective Bondage, Needles (10 pcs), Protective sleeve, Masks (10 pcs)

EYE treatments training

(in person or online)

Lash Lift Treatment

Lash Lift Treatment is an alternative to eyelash extensions! Great for holidays and special events. No need to curl!

This treatment which enhances your natural eyebrows is available at Muñekitas. It lasts for 6-8 weeks and does not harm your lashes.

Brow lamination

Brow lamination, also called brow sculpt or brow lift, is essentially a perm for your eyebrows. The service quickly gained popularity in the U.K. in 2019 and made its way to the States late last year. Similar to microblading and tinting, brow lamination was designed to give the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows. Where it differs from these two treatments, though, is that no pigment is added to your brows (though you can opt for an additional tint). 


Combined training includes starter kit




These tools are perfect with hot or cold treatments. Especially with ice contouring.

It consists of a metal contour board, metal swiss cup and flat mushroom board. The best part is you can customized color!

$249 per set

7 Piece Custom Engraved Wood Therapy Tools Set!

Beautifully designed wooden therapy products that are bundled together for you to perform Maderotherapy from your own home or business.

Each tool is very sturdy and nearly unbreakable!

$279 any color


We sell affordable, high-quality 6 pcs. Yeso Wraps. Limited supplies. Place your order now.

We also sell treatment and training using Yeso Wraps. Yesotherapy uses a hard cast or bandages moistened with water and plaster. It molds areas such as belly, love handles, arms and legs.

$149 for six

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